Argentine Society of Physiology

The Argentine Society of Physiological Sciences was founded by Dr. Bernardo Houssay (Nobel Prize of Physiology and Medicine 1947) on March 23, 1950. Dr. Houssay was also the first president of the Society. The Society participated in the organization of the International Meeting of Physiological Sciences 1959, which was held in Buenos Aires, and organized many meetings in different cities in our country. It was also the engine for the foundation of the Latin-American Society of Physiological Sciences (ALACF). Since 1993, and for one decade, the Society did not generate any events. It was by Dr. Mario Parisi initiative that it was reorganized as Argentine Society of Physiology (SAFIS), and got its legal entity. SAFIS was reincorporated at ALACF, representing argentine Physiological Sciences, and organized the XXII ALACF meeting, held in Buenos Aires on 2006. SAFIS has organized national annual meetings individually, or jointly with other societies, and participated in the organization of the 2009 ALACF annual meeting in Chile. During 2010, it organized the First Physiology Teaching Meeting, which dealt with common issues regarding Physiological Sciences education in different universities from our country.

At the moment, SAFIS is a member of the Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS).

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